Small business is the primary engine of jobs creation and is the heart of the Southeast Seattle economy. Since 1975 SEED has engaged with small businesses in SE Seattle. This has included provision of business counseling, training, and financing. SEED and its community partners facilitate technical support for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Ensuring the survival and prosperity of small business throughout the community is integral to SEED’s economic development approach. We aim to foster entrepreneurial activity to the end of expanding employment and stimulating broad based wealth creation.

A goal of SEED is to strengthen the support network for entrepreneurs, innovators, and makers in Southeast Seattle. We have a rich and multicultural community of creative thinkers and doers, enterprises and teams. This community has a higher rate of entrepreneurism thnt Seattle’s overall average. SEED strives to nourish that entrepreneurial community and cause it to flourish by supporting the creativity and innovation that drive success. SEED thus facilitates technical assistance, training, informational and financial resources, and mentoring. We look to incubate startups and young enterprises, and provide an environment where existing businesses can go to the next level.

One area of particular focus for SEED is helping local small businesses survive and grow by increasing their digital readiness. SEED and its partners have launched a program to help small businesses access technology tools and online marketing resources. SEED, partnering with Meylah, offers a complete online marketing platform,, for mobile ready e-commerce. We are marshalling capital and expertise to grow this technical assistance and marketing infrastructure in order to empower small businesses in the area to grow sales by reaching online consumers and clients. This project is based on the idea that the knowledge of small businesses and microenterprises in Southeast Seattle can be powerful.