About SEED

SEED's mission is to improve the quality of life in Southeast Seattle by creating partnerships and inspiring investments in housing, arts and economic development - with a special focus on residents with fewer opportunities and resources.


Everyone should have affordable and decent housing. For decades SEED has been building, redeveloping, and operating affordable housing. Our apartment properties range in size from 8 units to 379 units, and provide transitional housing for homeless families, workforce housing and senior housing. The need is greater than ever – and SEED is determined to help meet that need.

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Creating living wage jobs in Southeast Seattle is an important goal for SEED. We foster commercial and entrepreneurial development as well as skills development programs, offering local residents pathways to new jobs. SEED is committed to advocacy and action geared to stimulate business investment and jobs in Southeast Seattle.

Arts &

SEED believes art can build community and drive economic wellbeing. SEEDArts offers visual, performing, and public art programs that enable artists to inspire and connect residents and visitors of Southeast Seattle. SEEDArts operates the Columbia City Gallery, Rainier Arts Center, artist studios, public and community arts, and Rainier Valley Radio.

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